The Warwick Careers Conference is now over. We hope you all enjoyed the conference!

The recordings of the talks are available to those who signed up, check out the conference resources page we sent you.

Through carefully planned workshops and talks, the Warwick Careers Conference will work through a framework for evaluating career choices in an ever-changing 21st century. We aim to guide you in practically looking for fulfilling careers that suit your values and interests.


Friday 12th March 2021 (3:30pm to 6pm)
Saturday 13th March 2021 (10:15am to 2pm)
Sunday 14th March 2021 (11am to 3pm)

All times in GMT (UTC+0)


The first day of the conference will focus on introspection. By better understanding yourself and your values through a workshop and talks, you will be able to identify the types of jobs which will be most fulfilling for you. We'll also look at other aspects of choosing a career, such as working environments and money.


The second day of the conference aims to give a wider understanding of the world of careers and how careers are changing. This will be through interviews with speakers from a variety of fields, and a panel discussion on issues facing the job market of the future.


Through talks and a workshop, the final day of the conference combines knowledge of yourself and the world of careers to help you practically identify which path to take, and how to find jobs and internships that suit you.


Terri Duhon

Terri Duhon went from a Math degree at MIT to a derivative trader on Wall Street then on to become an entrepreneur and author. She is now an educator, often guest lecturing at Oxford University where she is an Associate Fellow, and a board member of a number of large institutions such as Morgan Stanley International and Rathbone Bros a FTSE 250 UK Wealth Manager. She is passionate about diversity and culture and often speaks about Empowerment and Reinvention.

Alan Jagolinzer

Alan Jagolinzer is the Professor of Financial Accounting and Head of the Accounting Faculty Subject Group at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. He previously taught at the University of Colorado for seven years and in the Stanford MBA program for six years. He has engaged one-to-one mentorship with hundreds of students to help launch them towards academic, public policy, forensic accounting, start-up, finance, law enforcement, entertainment, arts, and humanitarian-service careers, and has helped place former students in MBA programs at Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, and Chicago and in public policy programs at the London School of Economics, Brown University, and Georgetown.

Simon Gallow

Simon Gallow is an Advocate for UN Women UK, having been Development Director, and a Policy Analyst in the UN Women Economic Empowerment Division in New York. He is also a Strategist for the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), and holds a Masters in Public Policy (MPP) from Cambridge University, having started his career as a Management Consultant at Ernst & Young (EY)

Micheline Ravololonarisoa

Feminist socialist, Micheline Ravololonarisoa is an expert activist and professional. Born in Madagascar, she left the country in 1974 after the student revolt of 1972. Micheline has traveled around the world, moving to different countries but established herself with her family in Nairobi, Kenya, Canada, before moving to the UK in 1991. She has over thirty years of career in international development with a focus on gender equality and women’s rights working with international NGO and with the United Nations, where she retired in 2010 as the Head of the Africa division at the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM, now UNWOMEN). Today, Micheline is an independent expert consultant working mainly in Africa and Asia.

Emma Rosen

Emma Rosen spent a year experiencing 25 different jobs before her 25th birthday. There was archaeology in Transylvania, tour guiding amid violent protests in Venezuela and investigative journalism with The Telegraph. Then there was being an extra in a movie, alpaca farming in Cornwall and assisting the British Council's crisis team during the terror attack on Parliament in March. Her book, The Radical Sabbatical, was named the FT’s business book of the month and she has given 2 TEDx talks about her experiences. Emma now works with careerstech startup, Would You Rather Be.

Quassim Cassam

Cassam will be explaining the distinction between intellectual virtues and intellectual vices. Intellectual virtues like open-mindedness and intellectual humility are character traits, attitudes or ways of thinking that improve our knowledge and understanding. Intellectual vices like closed-mindedness and arrogance get in the way of knowledge and understanding. He will focus on the difficulty of getting to know our own intellectual vices. At least some of our vices are stealthy: they prevent their own detection. He will look at ways in which ignorance of our own intellectual vices can be overcome. Knowledge of our own strengths and weaknesses is essential for self-improvement and for the task of choosing a suitable career.

Helen Dawit

Helen is a driven and passionate Talent Acquisition and HR professional, with sound international experience working across several sectors, but mainly within Financial Services and IT space. Her main specialities lies around identifying, attracting, assessing and on-boarding high calibre candidates. At GreySpark, she is currently involved in the design and implementation of their global Talent Management Program, focusing on talent attraction, assessment, development and retention across all disciplines of the business.

Owen Pape

Owen studied geophysics at the University of Edinburgh before joining CGG as an imaging geophysicist in 2006; in 2018 he went on secondment to graduate recruitment. He chose to study geophysics because it combined the subjects he enjoyed the most at school: geography, maths and physics; and he still enjoy geophysics today after more than 14 years of working for CGG.

Giorgio Baglioni

Giorgio Baglioni is currently a Product Manager at Starling Bank, focusing on user engagement. He also has experience at large corporate companies as well as having worked at a tech startup in New York City. He is passionate about building products users love and making quick decisions based on data.

Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali researches different trends in recruitment and employment from all around the world. She also teaches in a design school. This makes her acutely aware of the struggles students face when entering the job market and the lack of information provided to them about the job search.

Pooja Wagh

Pooja Wagh is Director of Results Measurement and Health Community Lead at MIT Solve. Pooja has over a decade of experience in international development, program evaluation, and data analysis in the private and nonprofit sectors. Most recently, she oversaw a multimillion-dollar portfolio of global impact evaluations at Innovations for Poverty Action. As Director of Results Measurement at Solve, Pooja defines and implements the organization's monitoring and evaluation strategy, including monitoring of Solve's portfolio of Solver teams and the impact of the partnerships Solve brokers. As the Health Community Lead, she develops and nurtures relationships with Solve's health-focused Members and Solver teams, and works with them to drive forward promising, innovative solutions to intractable challenges in the health and wellness space.

Vinesh Sukumaran

Vinesh is a Positive Psychologist and an Organizational Development Consultant. He has trained and coached over 20,000 individuals and consulted with over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies. He has helped them use behaviour change and positive psychology for better performance and leadership. He is a Forbes Coaches Council Member and an Official Member of the International Positive Psychology Association.

He has a masters degree in positive psychology from the University of Missouri and his book “From Behaviour to Wellbeing” has helped several individuals understand and use human behaviour as a way to live a good life.

Our team

To support these amazing speakers, our exec team and workshop leaders will be working flat out to make this conference a truly meaningful experience unlike any other.