Warwick Careers Society

Warwick Careers Conference 12th-14th March: View resources.

For Students 🎓

Warwick Careers Society will help you figure out your most suitable career path! Whether you have a good idea of where you want to go or you're completely lost, we will help you better understand yourself and the world, so that you can discover new possibilities and careers which are best suited to you.

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For Sponsors 🏢

Warwick Careers Society helps students to find direction in their careers in a brand-new interdisciplinary way, increasing their value in the workplace as thinkers, innovators, and leaders. In today’s world, students require breadth and depth in whichever sector they choose to work in, as there are pressing problems that our generations face that affect individual career sectors. We aim to highlight how these issues and career choices are linked.

To get involved, drop us an email at sponsorship@warwickcareerssoc.co.uk

Current programs

Sponsored: CGG Hub

CGG is a global leader in high-tech geoscience with exciting internships and graduate jobs available. Find out about the roles available and their culture at the link below!

Out now: The Podcast 🎙

We'll be releasing episodes of our podcast on our website throughout Term 2.

Want to feature on the podcast as a guest, or have topics you'd like us to cover? Give us a shout on Discord, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - we're all ears.

Peer-to-peer program 🤝

Applying for jobs and internships is hard. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to even begin.

The peer-to-peer program by Warwick Careers Society will pair you up with another student to help each other get through application season! Review each other's CVs, cover letters, and prepare for interviews and assessment centers together.

University Resources 🏫

As well as the Warwick Careers Society, the university's student careers service provides advice and appointments, and runs events.