The Warwick Careers Society Podcast explores careers and personal development through a unique lens as we battle our way through the COVID-19 pandemic. Get in touch if you have topics you want us to cover!

Episode 1: Introductions

Today’s podcast episode is split into two parts. The first is a short talk with the co-presidents of the Warwick Careers Society explaining what we do, and what their vision is for the conference. In the second part, we talk about the role of personal values in careers, and how you can look inward to find greater clarity on what career path might suit you well.

Episode 2: Workplace Mental Health

In this episode our Vice President Shubhi talks with Ananya (Jane) Jain about mental health in the workplace. Jane is the founder of FullCircle LLC, which created a mental health app named "Full Circle", and she's only 21.

Episode 3: Effective altruism

In this episode, we discuss the Effective Altruism movement, the methodology behind it, and how we can apply its concepts to career planning. Toby Tremlett is the VP of Effective Altruism Society: Warwick.

As mentioned in the episode, the 80 Thousand Hours project: https://80000hours.org/

EA Career 1-on-1s: https://forms.gle/CEuEk9fXxF3ahVpw9

EA Intro 1-on-1s: https://forms.gle/YRwP4U7GhHJyEw9r7

Episode 4: Neanda Salvaterra

In this episode, with special guest Neanda Salvaterra, we will discuss personal values and how these impacted the development of her career. Neanda is a journalist who spent nearly a decade at the Wall Street Journal. Prior to this, she earned a Master of Science degree in Business Journalism from Colombia University.